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Weekly Update - Thursday April 10

Here's your weekly update!

Holyoke remains on's Best Selling New Releases in Roots Rock

We are happy to announce that not only has "Holyoke" hit the number one slot  on's Best Selling New Releases in Roots Rock a few times since it's release, but it has stayed in the Top 20 selling New Releases for five weeks. Thank you to our wonderful fans for supporting our new album.  We could not have done this without your support!  Holyoke is garnering more attention, more Radio play and reaching a broader audience than we ever imagined.  Thank you all!

Mat D to release Broken Hymns and Ballads of the Roadhouse Shrine Volume 4

Mat D will release the fourth EP in the Broken Hymns and Ballads...acoustic EP series this Spring.  He had hioped to have it released in May, but looks like June will be the earliest it will be available due to some computer issues at the home studio a.k.a the Roadhouse Shrine.  The EP will be available for FREE download on and upon it's release, with Physical CDs sold via our website store. 

The Broken Hymns and Ballads of the Roadhouse Shrine series began in November 2012 and thousands of free albums have been downloaded since it's inception.  All of the volumes feature Mat on vocals and acoustic guitar with minimal overdubs.  The series will conclude with the Release of Volume 5 at the end of 2014.  Volumes 1 through 3 are available now.

NEW Profane Saints album announced

Yes.  No joke.

One of the nice things about taking 3 years to record an album is that it gives a guy a lot of time to write new music.  Mat D and the Profane Saints are happy to announce that we have begun pre-production on a new LP titled "Mercy Road" with the intentions of recording this one on the fast track for release in the near future.  The album will feature "Mercy Road", "Low Brow Burlesque", "Angel of the Lost Highway" and "Glitterville" from Broken Hymns acoustic series as well as never before heard brand new material.  We will keep you updated and post new sounds as they become available.  You won't have to wait so long for this one friends!  This one is going to be an all out rocker!


Upcoming Shows   April -May 2014

April 26 - Mat D at the Bear Coffehouse and Wine Bar   Spencer, Iowa

May 10 - Mat D and the Profane Saints at Flatlanders  - Hawarden Iowa

May 15 - Rails and Cocktails Fundraiser featuring Mat D - Sgt Bluff, IA

May 17 - Mat D at Old Skoolz - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

May 29 - Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray w/ Mat D and the Profane Saints Latitude 44 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota







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