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The song "Holyoke" is featured in this week's magazine

A big thank you to Duane Doobie and the staff of for mentioning our song "Holyoke" in this week's issue.


He writes:

"I saw lead singer Mat deRiso’s voice described as having “recently chased a Brillo pad with a double-shot of something off the bottom shelf at a rural route dive.” While that may be accurate, it’s really evidence his focus for these songs is the words and delivery – rather than his voice – in order to share with us the “beauty” that exists within the difficult days we all experience. Mat D is kind of a bad boy… but not in the popped collar, wallet chain that touches the floor, or even wearing his knickerbockers below the knee – type way. Instead, he sings about the lives of murders, thieves, and the hard living regular folks – which, according to Mat D., are not really that different. If you are looking for genericana – this is not it. Mat D and the Profane Saints tell it like it is and don’t hold anything back. If you are looking for some authenticity to add to your playlist – you should take a look at this track, this new album, or even this band generally."


You can read the enitre article here at Radio


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