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The Gospel according to D. WHAT?!?

Had lunch with a friend who saw the show and was informed of something quite surprising. He said "Did you know 10 people walked out on your show and have labeled you a Christian Rock Band?" "NO!" I replied, "Where did they get that idea?" Well, through thinking about it-I was addressing the 'congregation' as I called it (aka the BAR) with phrases like "Can I get an AMEN?" and "Hallelujah, what's it to ya?"however I'd like to make something quite clear here: Mat d. and the Profane Saints is in no way shape or form a 'Christian' band. We are not evangelists. If your soul needs saving and you're coming to us for salvation or the path there of, you're headed straight to hell. Mat d. and the Profane Saints perform 'Hell Raising Gospel' or in other words: Gospel music the devil could listen to. It's a gimmick. When you hear us say "Can I get an Amen" it means "Did you dig that song? Here's another" When you hear us say "Halleljujah, what's it to ya" it's our way of saying "How the fuck are you anyway?" For your dose of religion and spirituality, feel free to visit the house of worship, church, temple etc. of your choice. If you're an athiest, sleep in on Sunday. My music is not in anyway evangelical or Christian so to speak. It's about age old themes. God, the devil, Sin, Salvation, Hard Luck Losers, Freaks, Junkies, Ramblers and the like. It's just a theme. Much of the earliest american music reflects these topics. Be you believer, skeptic or ye of no faith, we just want you to enjoy the music. That's all. We won't be performing at any churches anytime soon, not that we have a problem with any of them, it's just not us. If your interested in hearing God Rock, visit your local Christian bookstore. If you're looking for some original roots rock and americana Profane and Saintly-then you've come to the right address. My music is all about the duality of man. The good and the bad, The sinful and the holy, The saved and the damned. That's it. No altar call here. Just rock n' roll ( and a lil' bit o' country too!)


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