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Thank you to our Fans and Friends

There are so many friends and fans to thank over the past few weeks since the release of "Holyoke" - First- we'd like to thank Lance at Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls and Brent at Vangarde Arts Sioux City.  What those two men have accomplished that sets them apart from other venues is that they support a listening environment.   The audiences they attract come to listen to shows; not talk through them.  To have been able to have perform at both venues is an honor to us.

Next, I'd like to thank our wives, girlfriends and families for standing by us over the past few years.  It's tough to be gone from your spouses and children during sessions, rehearsals and gigs.  We thank them so very much for standing by us over the last three and a half years while we were trying to figure this record out!  We love you.

Last - we thank all of our fans for making Holyoke our BEST SELLING album in only three weeks time since it's release.  We have never moved more units in such a short period of time.  Thank you for supporting us and buying a shirt, CD or downloading a song.  Our success is because of good folks like you.

Blessings and peace to you all in 2014.  We'll see you on the road soon!

- Mat D


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