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March 2011's FREE DOWNLOAD of the Month...

November 2007, in the studio...The band was at a crossroads, with the current members not really getting anywhere on the never released "Drive Thru Romance"- Mat D re-arranged the song "Dead in New Orleans" as an acoustic track on 2007's "Gasoline Rattle"....


This is the first version of what would later become "Dead in New Orleans" as we performed it from 2007-2008.  When Bob Birch was recruited and Kurt Mullins switched from bass to guitar, Kurt added some guitar tracks to this never before released song and it was shelved for the darker version that became the permanent arrangement found on "Dirt Town City Limits"- we never looked back until now!


Here you are- resurrected as March's FREE DOWNLOAD of the month...the never before released version of "Dead in New Orleans"   Click the link below to download...Enjoy!  We've come a long way in almost 4 years!


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