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Goodbye Sioux City! The Profane Saints Relocate to Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2015

Our gig at Toddy's Tap was our last Sioux City show save the chance of one per year - more than likely when we release an album from here on out. Our vocalist/songwriter Mat D will be relocating to Sioux Falls SD in 2015 and he is moving our headquarters to Sioux Falls as well. Thanks to all of the local venues that took a chance on us, hired us and helped us get to where we are today. Most of all, thank you to the Sioux City fans that have remained faithful to the group from album to album. We appreciate your support. It's time for us to branch out into larger markets and see what we can do with our music. If the opportunity is right you will see us within the city limits - Mat will still appear solo from time to time after the first of the year. Until then...We wish you well Sioux City.


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