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FYACB's take on "Holyoke" by Mat D and the Profane Saints

Fuck Yeah Alt Country Boys was kind enough to say a few words about the new album!



An album by a guy whom I admire. He’s got an ability to craft a song and convey its message. Mat D and The Profane Saints new album “Holyoke” has been three years in the making. I’m glad it is with us and has seen the light of day finally.

I was really happy to see CXCW submission “Gambling, Girls & Guns” on this album. It has been a favorite since I saw the video last year. I feel that this song, while one of many, is a true testament to his storytelling and songwriting ability. The first song on the album, “Half Mile Holler”, is yet another example too.

"Sawmill Road" is a song that is worthy of radio play by local stations. It has the mass appeal that audiences would dig, without all the crap that seems to dominate the airwaves.

Another favorite track of mine is “Aces In A Dead Man’s Hand”. I spoken with Mat about some of his influences in the past, Tom Waits being one of them. Songs like this are tinged with that feel.

"Dirt Road To Hell" just plain and simple kicks ass. It is right up there with "Gambling, Girls and Guns" in my opinion.

The band recently added a new bass player to the mix and he sounds like he’s fitting in great.



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