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Free Music...that's right...FREE!

You may think we're crazy, but Dirt Town City Limits, Plank Road Drag and Broken Hymns & Ballads of the Roadhouse Shrine are now available on for FREE.

Yes.  You read that right....FREE.

Why free?  Are there strings attached?  Do I have to sign my life away?

No.  Absolutely 100% free.

Why? We offering this music to anyone who wants to download it.   We've sold a ton of CDs and we continue to do so.  We're offering these albums for free because we need your help!  If you own any one of these albums and like what you hear - we ask that you tell five people about it and send them to to download as many albums as they like.  There's a "tip" feature where people can donate if they wish but there is no financial obligation - what we'd really appreciate is if you'd please  get the word out about our music and into as many hands/ears as possible.

We can't do this without YOU!  Visit and share the link below and enjoy!  THANKS!


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