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A new beginning for the band.

After a year's hiatus from shows, and diligent work on our new album, we are very happy to announce that we will tryout  a new bass player in a few weeks.  Our hope is that we can make an official announcement regarding a new member of the Profane Saints by the end of August.

A few more bass guitar tracks and a few more guitar solos followed by the last vocal sessions are all that remain.  We are very optimistic we will have this released this Fall.  With the strong prospect of a new bass guitarist - we will be getting the band ready to return to the stage - and return we will!

For all of the fans, friends, bloggers, DJs and other bands we've worked with out there - we want to thank you all sincerely for your kind comments, your enthusiasm and dedication to our music.  Kurt, Jeff and Mat are all certain that once you hear the new album you will feel it has been worth the wait!



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